The Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry allows you to integrate BlackBerry Dynamics, BlackBerry Analytics, and BlackBerry AppConfig functionality into iOS and Android app binaries without coding. After using the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate BlackBerry functionality into an app, use the BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) to configure app-level controls.

Although you use the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate BlackBerry functionality with your apps, you cannot deploy and use the integrated app unless it is registered with the BlackBerry UEM portal for your organization—thus you need the portal URL and a BlackBerry ID.

The Blue Cedar Platform allows you to integrate these BlackBerry SDKs with your app. (See Release Notes for the current SDK versions.)

  • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS and Android to secure, deploy, and manage apps.

  • BlackBerry AppConfig allows you to use the BlackBerry UEM to configure your app management with AppConfig standards.

  • BlackBerry Analytics SDK for iOS and Android delivers event data from the app to the BlackBerry Analytics Engine and to display in the BlackBerry Analytics dashboard.

Note: BlackBerry Analytics requires a separate licensing agreement with BlackBerry; enabling BlackBerry Analytics on the Blue Cedar Platform without a current licensing agreement does not enable BlackBerry Analytics for the integration.

See BlackBerry policy options for configuring the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate apps with BlackBerry services. See Implementing BlackBerry AppConfig to set up the app policy template in the BlackBerry UEM.

See the BlackBerry documentation for configuration details via the BlackBerry UEM, and for using the BlackBerry Analytics dashboard. Note that app data may not appear in the dashboard for 24 hours.