To integrate security with your apps, configure the options in security policies, then apply the policies to the app. In general, you can set default values for policy options as policy profiles, then choose a policy profile when securing each app.

policy profile is a collection of settings that are applied with a policy. For example, when you apply the BlackBerry Dynamics policy to an app, you choose a BlackBerry Dynamics profile that specifies the App ID and other parameters used for BlackBerry Dynamics app management. See the description for each policy to learn about the profile options.

master policy profile is a collection of policy profiles. This provides a streamlined way to secure multiple apps within your organization with the same policies. See Managing and using master policy profiles.

signing profile is a collection of code-signing information, used to certify that the app is provided by a trusted source. This code-signing information is specific to Android or iOS. See Signing Blue Cedar secured apps.

The following sections describe the tasks available in the platform to apply policies to apps, configure policy options, and deploy the secured apps. The details of the policies are described in Configuring the Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry.