What's new in Mobile Client 4.10.16

BlackBerry Dynamics hotfix 

Applied the BlackBerry hotfix v9.1.0.440 to the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release v9.1.0.122 for iOS.

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.10.16


Mobile OS



BBY-115, BBY-119, BBY-120iOSBlackBerryUpdated BlackBerry Dynamics to fix an issue using certain JavaScript based video players in WKWebView.

What's new in Mobile Client 4.10.15

OpenSSL upgrade

Blue Cedar Mobile Client 4.10.15 is updated to include OpenSSL 1.1.1k, released on 25 March 2021. This update provides a stronger encryption key for Data at Rest protection.

What do I need to do?

You don't need to do anything to migrate DAR-protected apps and their files to the new version of OpenSSL and encryption key. Note that once those files are migrated, they cannot be used by previous versions if you want to downgrade the app for any reason.

Curl upgrade

Blue Cedar Mobile Client 4.10.15 is updated to include curl 7.76.1. This update picks up any security-related fixes curl has made. 

What do I need to do?

This curl update is transparent to platform users and mobile users; no action is needed.

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.10.15


Mobile OS



BBY-104AndroidBlackBerryImage and video capture on the device is now allowed even when App Kinetics with Data Loss Prevention is enabled.
BBY-105AndroidBlackBerryAdded support for javascript Navigator.sendBeacon() command.
BBY-106AndroidBlackBerryFixed an issue where WebView handling was not accessing the secure container correctly for downloaded files.
SPT-2347Android, iOSSigningFixed an issue where the signing script failed when run on apps with spaces in the filenames. 
SPT-2548iOSSigningResolved an issue with external code signing on iOS with Python 3.9 
SPT-2570iOSMicrosoftFixed a rare hang in an app integrated with Intune. 

What's new in Mobile Client 4.10.13

BlackBerry Dynamics updates

A new BlackBerry SDK version is now available for integration through the Blue Cedar Platform.

  • The Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry integrates these SDKs: 
    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release v9.1.0.35 for iOS and Android.
    • BlackBerry Launcher Library v3.2.0.195. 
  • BlackBerry AppKinetics is now available for iOS as well as Android. 
  • The BlackBerry Persona feature is enabled by default and can be disabled in the BlackBerry policy.
  • BlackBerry Analytics support is no longer available, although the option still appears in the user interface. Customers can use BlackBerry Persona instead.

See Integrating BlackBerry Dynamics features with Blue Cedar Platform for more information about each feature.

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.10.13

ItemMobile OSAcceleratorDescription


iOSBlue CedarResolved an issue sharing large files using Data At Rest.

BBY-93, BBY-102

iOSBlackBerryImproved support for apps that use multiple windows when integrated with BlackBerry Launcher.
BBY-96iOSBlackBerryResolved an issue where custom app icons were not correctly being presented for BlackBerry Launcher.

What's new in Mobile Client 4.10.12

New BlackBerry Dynamics features

The Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry now supports the BlackBerry Dynamics features listed below. For an overview of each feature including documentation links, see Integrating BlackBerry Dynamics features with Blue Cedar Platform.

Most of these features are automatically included when you integrate an app with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK. The exception is Launcher, which requires an extra step to enable the BlackBerry Launcher Library when you integrate BlackBerry Dynamics SDK with the Blue Cedar Platform. After integration, you can configure and manage each feature via the BlackBerry UEM.


(Android only)

BlackBerry AppKinetics is a method for securely exchanging data and commands between two BlackBerry Dynamics apps on the same device. AppKinetics support includes BlackBerry Data Loss Prevention (DLP) support for secure file viewing, URL opening, and sending email.

AppKinetics is also known as Inter-Container Communication (ICC).


The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher is the blue BlackBerry icon located in your BlackBerry Dynamics apps. It allows users to switch quickly between the BlackBerry Dynamics app that is currently open and any other BlackBerry Dynamics apps on your device.


BlackBerry Persona collects data from BlackBerry Dynamics apps and determines a user's current risk level. The service then takes action to adapt device and app behavior to that level of risk. For example, if a user's current risk level is high, BlackBerry Persona can limit the user's access to work apps and disable certain device features. BlackBerry Persona protects the integrity of work data by dynamically responding to a user's real-world context, adapting a security policy based on user geolocation, device, time, IP address and BlackBerry Dynamics app identifiers. Persona is available with BlackBerry Dynamics 8.0+

Prior to SDK 8.0, BlackBerry Persona was known as BlackBerry Intelligent Security and was part of BlackBerry Analytics; with SDK 8.0+, BlackBerry Analytics and Persona are included with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.

Licensing note: BlackBerry Persona requires a separate licensing agreement with BlackBerry in addition to BlackBerry Dynamics. 


The BlackBerry Watermark feature provides the possibility to add a watermark to the app screens in an app integrated with BlackBerry Dynamics SDK. Such a watermark contains the username of the logged user and the current date and time, to protect against data leakage by deterring users from taking photos of potentially sensitive information and by giving your organization a means to trace a data leak.

BlackBerry Dynamics releases

The Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry integrates these BlackBerry Dynamics releases. 

  • iOS 
    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release v8.1.0.67  for iOS.
  • Android
    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release v8.1.0.37  for Android. Requires Android OS 7.0 or later, minimum API level 24. 

Notice of deprecation

Blue Cedar support for BlackBerry Analytics is deprecated. Please use BlackBerry Persona instead.

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.10.12


Mobile OS



SPT-2170iOSBlue CedarResolved issue with multiple "No such file or directory" errors.
SPT-2482iOSBlackBerryAdded support for UIScene apps with the BlackBerry accelerator.
MOB-1533AndroidBlackBerryImproved media playback handling in Android WebView.
MOB-1573AndroidMicrosoftFixed an issue with packageName parsing on Android.
SPT-2486iOSBlue CedarModified file handling to better support file writing.
SPT-2494iOSBlue CedarResolved an issue with NSURLSession where authentication challenges were not being handled correctly.
SPT-2493iOS Blue CedarResolved an issue where pages using mmap and custom signal handlers may not work correctly when using Data at Rest.
SPT-2507iOSBlue CedarResolved an issue where some portrait-only apps may display incorrectly if the device is held in landscape mode.
SPT-2512iOSBlackBerryResolved an issue where some React-native apps may get stuck on a white screen during enrollment.
SPT-2515iOSPolicy ConsoleFixed an issue with invalid Icon error when uploading iOS apps to the policy console.
BBY-73AndroidBlackBerryFixed an issue that was causing hangs during authorization when BlackBerry Dynamics root detection policy was enabled.
BBY-86Android, iOSBlackBerryResolved an issue where AppConfig values may not be successfully delivered to an app running on a device with MDM.

Open issues/limitations in Mobile Client 4.10.12

Limitations with this Blue Cedar release for iOS 14 include: 

  • Support for new iOS 14 features is not fully implemented in this release, including:
    • New Photos picker: a way to access pictures from the Photos app without requesting direct library access
    • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) 
    • App Clips: small parts of an app designed for quick task completion

Limitations with this Blue Cedar release for Android 11 include: 

  • No support for Android Emulators running Android 11.

Limitations for BlackBerry features include:

  • BlackBerry AppKinetics: No iOS support. 
  • Xamarin/client certificates don't work with BlackBerry: HTTP-specific traffic is not sent into the BlackBerry HTTP client (Xamarin or platform native).

Documentation and technical support

This release includes online documentation. To access this documentation, see  https://apollo.bluecedar.com/knowledge-base/ .