What's new in Mobile Client 4.13.0

Bug fix release with DAR, Firebase apps notifications, passphrase, image and video files.

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.13.0


Mobile OS



MOB-567iOSBlackBerryFixed a bug when changing the UEM passcode to have a stronger passphrase. 

SPT-2396, MOB-2976

Android, iOSBlackBerry

Resolved an issue with Firebase apps push notification not working due to Fire Cloud Messaging tokens not created properly.

SPT-2568AndroidBlackBerryResolved an issue with attaching images and videos in Mattermost.
SPT-2618iOSBlackBerry, EnforceFixed a bug with delivering Firebase notifications.
SPT-2612Android, iOSEnforceResolved an issue with cookie persistence when using DAR.
SPT-2621AndroidEnforceFixed an issue with DAR and local media files displaying with WebView-based apps.