Blue Cedar Integration Platform enables you to integrate services into iOS and Android apps. These services are available in the form of integration accelerators—modules that you can integrate with your apps without having to write any code.

The Platform is currently available for Beta users, with either of these integration accelerators.

  • Blue Cedar Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry: Use the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate apps with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.
  • Blue Cedar Enforce Integration Accelerator: See Related links..

The Mobile Client technology includes the software that is added to the integrated mobile app, that is:

  • The chosen integration accelerator with its enabled options.
  • The Blue Cedar code that integrates the accelerator with the app.

Anything with a (green star) is new with Platform 4.11.x / Mobile Client 4.1.1.

Resolved issues

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.1.2





Improved stability for Android apps.
SPT-1941iOSAfter integrating app, MinimumOSVersion is changed from 11.0 to 9.0.Fixed an issue where minimum iOS version for apps and for the Blue Cedar framework was mismatched. We now only update the app's minimum version if it is lower than the Blue Cedar framework version (9.0).

Resolved in Platform 4.11.0 / Mobile Client 4.1.1 for BlackBerry Dynamics

BCP-2145PlatformForgot password link doesn't work for addresses with special charactersFixed an issue where email addresses with special characters like "+" were not validated; these characters were interpreted as white space, and account-related emails (such as forgot password workflow) were not delivered.
SPT-1948, SPT-1949, SPT-1951, SPT-1952AndroidApp crash due to recent Chrome v72 updateFixed an issue for Android apps using WebView with current and recent versions of Chrome (v72 and slightly older). Those apps were experiencing a crash when WebView was loaded.
BCP-1881IOSApp does not receive real time messagesFixed an issue with certain apps that were delayed in receiving messages and data.
BCP-2155AndroidScanning fails for certain appsFixed an issue with syntax in manifest attributes.
BCP-2098PlatformUI shows "initiating" status even if the app fails to startPreviously, if you tried to integrate an app with an app security profile that had no enabled policies, the platform would still try to integrate, and an "initiating" status bar appeared along with the error message. Now in this scenario, the message appears, but the platform does not try to integrate and no initiating status bar appears.
BCP-2106, BCP-2111iOSSC Makani app crash (Kony)Added support for Kony-based apps .

What's new in the Integration Platform

Enabled policies on policy group cards (green star)

When creating or editing app security profiles, the policy group cards now indicate which policies are enabled, so you don't have to expand each card to see what is enabled.

API field renaming

API users note: The following fields have been renamed as of Platform 4.10.0. They are mainly used when accessing the /token and /users endpoints. Please update API calls.

Previous token nameNew token name

What's new in the Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry

Blue Cedar Platform 4.4+ allows you to enable these BlackBerry Dynamics policies for your integration:

  • Network interception

  • Secure storage

Open issues/limitations

  • Browser support: The integration platform interface supports Chrome and Firefox browsers. (Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer are not currently supported.)

Limitations with integrating the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK:

  • Client certificates with Android apps using WebView: If you have configured client certificates via the BlackBerry UEM, those certificates are not used by Android apps that use WebView (such as Compass) integrated with Blue Cedar. Our current integration code does not allow WebView apps to use a client certificate provided by the UEM/Connector. (BCP-1960, Android) 
  • ClipboardManager/drag and drop:  The ClipboardManager Dynamics API is not integrated into apps since there is no 1:1 mapping to Android's ClipboardManager. Apps usually do not call the ClipboardManager directly to perform drag and drop operations. (BCP-1638, Android)
  • BlackBerry Secure Network/Transport: Turning on/off Secure Network/Transport from the integration platform does not affect the integration. (BCP-704)
  • iPhone ARMv7 devices: BlackBerry Dynamics does not integrate into apps on ARM v7 Apple devices (32-bit CPUs) such as iPhone 5 or 5c. (BCP-1523, iOS)
  • Secure file transfer: There is currently no support for functionality to enable or disable file sharing between apps integrated with BlackBerry and apps not integrated with BlackBerry. (BCP-2001)

 Documentation and technical support

This release includes online documentation. To access this documentation, see

Blue Cedar Enforce Integration Accelerator

To see the 4.10.x release notes and use the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate apps with Blue Cedar security policies, see