The Blue Cedar Platform enables you to integrate services into iOS and Android apps. These services are available in the form of accelerators—modules that you can integrate with your apps without having to write any code.

The Platform is currently available with these  accelerators.

  • Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft: Use the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate apps with the Microsoft Intune App SDK and the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication Libraries (ADAL) .
  • Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry: Use the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate apps with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and the BlackBerry Analytics SDK.

Resolved issues

Resolved in Platform 4.29.0




​BCP-4307Android​Fixed an issue where certain apps failed integration with the error "string indices must be integers."​

Resolved in Platform 4.28.0

Internal fixes.

Resolved in Platform 4.27.0

Internal fixes

Open issues/limitations

Browser support: The integration platform interface supports Chrome and Firefox browsers. (Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer are not currently supported.)

Documentation and technical support

This release includes online documentation. To access this documentation, see .