Blue Cedar Integration Platform enables you to integrate services into iOS and Android apps. These services are available in the form of integration accelerators—modules that you can integrate with your apps without having to write any code.

The Platform is currently available for Beta users, with either of these integration accelerators.

  • Blue Cedar Enforce Integration Accelerator: Use the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate apps with Blue Cedar security policies.
  • Blue Cedar Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry: Use the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate apps with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.

Anything with a

is new with Platform 4.5.x / Client 4.0.2

What's new in the Integration Platform

Help button 

The platform interface now has a help button to link to documentation.

Forgot password workflow 

Users can now reset their password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link on the Login screen.

Platform version 

The platform version is now visible on the lower left in the UI.

Signing profiles

The platform now allows you to rename signing profiles.

What's new in the Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry

Blue Cedar Platform 4.4+ allows you to enable these BlackBerry Dynamics policies for your integration:

  • Network interception

  • Secure storage

Resolved issues

Resolved in 4.5.1

BCP-1759, BCP-1787PlatformMiscellaneous policy (Blue Cedar Enforce) appears in platform configuration when disabled by administratorMiscellaneous policy is now only available when Enforce integration accelerator is enabled.
BCP-1754PlatformApps should be sorted by Created DateApps are now sorted by Created Date instead of Modified Date.

Resolved in 4.5.0

BCP-1386, BCP-1652PlatformAccess error on loginPermissions are now synced with Roles
BCP-1520PlatformConditional polling of tasks and appsAPI requests and lag are significantly improved.
BCP-1590PlatformCreating new user account workflow does not tell me my usernameThe Welcome email now includes the email and the username associated with the created account. 
BCP-1635, BCP-1667, BCP-1668PlatformCompany admins should be able to see only their own organization.Fixed organization issues so that company admins now have access only to their own organization but not other organizations.
BCP-1639PlatformRemove Blue Cedar Admin role option for non master adminsNon-Blue Cedar Admins will not be able to give any user Blue Cedar admin permissions.
BCP-1640PlatformChannel partner admins can't create new organizationsChannel partner can now create new organizations.
BCP-1651BlackBerryRequire GD App ID in BlackBerry policy configuration before savingGD App ID is now required in BlackBerry configuration.
BCP-1653, BCP-1666PlatformRemove Add New Company if permission does not existFixed issues with users without appropriate permissions being able to see an "Add New Company" button.
BCP-693BlackBerry/iOSApps using SQLite should use BlackBerry Dynamics SQLite APIsSQLite interception is now functional on iOS.
BCP-1471BlackBerry/AndroidDynamics SDK APIs for secure clipboard managementIntegrating an app with BlackBerry Dynamics now supports secure copy-paste on Android as well as iOS. BlackBerry Dynamics SDK: Securing cut-copy-paste on devices (Data Leakage Prevention, or DLP)

Open issues

BCP-1523iOSBlackBerry secured app not displaying BlackBerry prompts on iOS ARM v7 devicesBlackBerry Dynamics does not integrate into apps on ARM v7 Apple devices (32-bit CPUs) such as iPhone 5 or 5c
BCP-1638AndroidDynamics SDK ClipboardManager: drag and dropThe ClipboardManager Dynamics API is not integrated into apps since there is no 1:1 mapping to Android's ClipboardManager. Apps usually do not call the ClipboardManager directly to perform drag and drop operations.
BCP-1270iOSMattermost integrated with BlackBerry fails to connect on subsequent launch

Subsequent launches of the Mattermost app do not work properly when integrated with BlackBerry.

Workaround: Log out of the app and log back in after relaunch to resolve the issue.

Disable BlackBerry interception for network/storage based on policyTurning on/off Secure Network/Transport from the platform does not affect the client.
Disable BBIO interception when becoming unauthorized

If BlackBerry times out, a (re)authorization/authentication must take place. Apps can crash instead of recognizing the timeout.

Workaround: Set the BlackBerry idle timeout to 0 (disabling it).

BCP-1623AndroidAndroid Java SQLite interceptionSQLite interception is not functional yet on Android. Apps using SQLite do not write/read encrypted data.


Documentation and technical support

This release includes online documentation. To access this documentation, see the Tech Acceptance documentation at