Blue Cedar Integration Platform enables you to integrate services into iOS and Android apps. These services are available in the form of integration accelerators—modules that you can integrate with your apps without having to write any code.

The Platform is currently available for Beta users, with either of these integration accelerators.

  • Blue Cedar Enforce Integration Accelerator: Use the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate apps with Blue Cedar security policies.
  • Blue Cedar Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry: Use the Blue Cedar Platform to integrate apps with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.

The Mobile Client technology includes the software that is added to the integrated mobile app, that is:

  • The chosen integration accelerator with its enabled options.
  • The Blue Cedar code that integrates the accelerator with the app.

Anything with a

is new with Platform 4.8.x / Mobile Client 4.0.6.

What's new in the Integration Platform

Skip code signing
(green star)

The signing options now include an option to skip code signing, so that you can download an integrated app without app signing information.

What's new in the Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry

Blue Cedar Platform 4.4+ allows you to enable these BlackBerry Dynamics policies for your integration:

  • Network interception

  • Secure storage

Open issues/limitations

  • Browser support: The integration platform interface supports Chrome and Firefox browsers. (Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer are not currently supported.)

Limitations with integrating the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK:

  • Client certificates: Our current integration code does not allow an app to use a client certificate provided by the UEM/Connector. (BCP-1812, Android)
  • iPhone ARMv7 devices: BlackBerry Dynamics does not integrate into apps on ARM v7 Apple devices (32-bit CPUs) such as iPhone 5 or 5c. (BCP-1523, iOS)
  • ClipboardManager/drag and drop: The ClipboardManager Dynamics API is not integrated into apps since there is no 1:1 mapping to Android's ClipboardManager. Apps usually do not call the ClipboardManager directly to perform drag and drop operations. (BCP-1638, Android)
  • BlackBerry Secure Network/Transport: Turning on/off Secure Network/Transport from the integration platform does not affect the integration. (BCP-704)
  • Java SQLite: SQLite interception is not functional yet on Android. Apps using SQLite do not write/read encrypted data. (BCP-1623, Android)

Resolved issues

BlackBerry Dynamics / Mobile Client 4.0.7

BCP-2043AndroidAndroid app failed to integrateFixed an issue where Android apps missing a version code string key would fail to integrate.
BCP-1910iOSUnable to open doc after transferring to deviceAdded support for opening unencrypted files with BlackBerry Dynamics.
BCP-2076iOSiOS apps fail to integrate with BlackBerry

Fixed an issue where iOS apps would fail with a "missing integrity cert" error when using the BlackBerry Dynamics policy.

Resolved in Platform 4.8.0 / Mobile Client 4.0.6

BCP-1956PlatformDeleting app during integration can cause issuesFixed an issue where deleting an app while it is being integrated causes service to fail.
BCP-1873Platform UIApp security profile not displayed on an integrated appIf the app security profile applied to an app has been deleted, the app card now shows a "Profile has been deleted" message
BCP-1862Platform UIDon't show sign and integrate options if there are no signing or app security profiles availableFixed an issue where a user could still select sign or integrate without any available profiles
BCP-1423PlatformSigning and app security profiles could be created and saved with an empty name.Creating a profile with an empty name now fails with an appropriate error.

 Documentation and technical support

This release includes online documentation. To access this documentation, see