Blue Cedar Enforce IT Administrator Guide

Mobile app protection and Blue Cedar Enforce

These topics provide the necessary framework for an administrative user to use the Blue Cedar Console (Enforce). The console injects security by protecting mobile apps with fine-grained security and configuring usage policies. Blue Cedar secures the apps post development, so you don’t need to access the original source code or to install a separate client on your users’ devices. This gives you self-defending apps that protect corporate data, limit usage, and control access without modifying user experience.

To use the console, follow an automated process:

The IT administrator loads a finished app into the console and sets app security and usage policies.

The console generates a new variation of the app with the configurable policies injected into the app itself. This process does not require SDK integration or access to source code.

The administrator adds the newly secured app to an app store for distribution to end users’ mobile devices. The app store can be public (Apple App Store or Google Play) or private (in-house or MDM-supported).

End users interact with their apps as before, except now with security policies in effect.