Blue Cedar Gateway Documentation

Welcome to the Blue Cedar Gateway documentation. Whether you are new to Blue Cedar or an advanced user, an administrator or a REST API developer, you can find useful information here. 

Installing the Gateway

Get information for installing the Blue Cedar gateway, including the initial boot-up and connecting the gateway to your host PC, which enables you to configure the gateway: 

Installing the Blue Cedar Gateway

Or install the gateway as a virtual machine on a VMware ESX server:

Installing Blue Cedar Virtual Gateway

Administering the Gateway

Find basic "how-to" information for setting up the gateway's communication ports to configure the gateway:

Gateway Quick Start Guide

Configure the gateway to customize and secure the communication between your enterprise back end and the Blue Cedar-protected apps.

Gateway IT Administrator Guide

Featured pages in release 3.21 and 3.22

There are no documentation changes for the Blue Cedar Gateway between 3.21 and 3.22.

Related documentation

Blue Cedar Policy Console documentation:

  • Policy Console Installation Guide: Contains the information for installing the Policy Console and migrating from older consoles.

  • Policy Console IT Administrator Guide: Use the policy console to manage users, secure apps, and configure Blue Cedar policies and features.
  • Policy Console REST API Reference: Contains information for developers to access policy console functionality through HTTPS requests.
  • SmartLink Configuration Supplement:  Blue Cedar SmartLink is a mobile app that provides secure VPN connectivity to a remote enterprise network by connecting to the Blue Cedar Gateway. Administrators use the policy console to configure SmartLink and related policies. This guide supplements the core policy console documentation.

Getting help

If you have purchased Blue Cedar products through a partner and you need support, please contact the partner that you purchased the product from. If you purchased a Blue Cedar product directly from Blue Cedar and you want to order a Blue Cedar-supplied part (or add-on products), then contact

If you have questions or problems, go to the technical support portal, where you can submit a request for technical support. You can also go directly to the knowledge base resource center, which includes access to technical support news, FAQs, and documentation.