Gateway Quick Start Guide

Quick start instructions for configuring the gateway

The Gateway Quick Start Guide provides the basic setup information for an administrative user to administer the Blue Cedar Atlas Gateway. The gateway is part of Blue Cedar Enterprise, which securely connects Blue Cedar-protected apps to the enterprise back end.

Blue Cedar provides both a hardware gateway appliance, and a virtual gateway appliance. To install, see Installing the Blue Cedar Gateway for the hardware version and Installing Blue Cedar Virtual Gateway for the soft appliance.

Once you have installed either gateway, use this guide to walk through the initial setup process. The initial setup process involves defining the gateway's IP address and an administrator, as well as an initial configuration. To setup the gateway (also known as "Atlas"), you need to complete these tasks:

  • Set up the management and private interfaces of the gateway
  • Enable SSH to the management interface
  • Create the administrative user for the gateway
  • Set up the system protocols for the gateway (NTP, SSH, Syslog, and DNS)
  • Set up the AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) subsystem of the gateway
    • Configure the identity certificate
    • Configure the trusted certificates
    • Configure the certificate revocation policy
  • Create the initial users of the gateway
  • Configure the IP address pool that the gateway uses to assign addresses to its tunneled clients
  • Configure the gateway for IKE (Internet Key Exchange)
  • Set up the public interface of the gateway

When you have completed these initial tasks, the gateway is ready to be deployed. For more detailed descriptions and advanced configuration information, see the Gateway IT Administrator Guide.