Installing Blue Cedar Virtual Gateway

The Blue Cedar Virtual Gateway allows users to run and configure the Gateway as a virtual machine.

To start the Blue Cedar Virtual Gateway installation, you must deploy the OVA file (atlas.ova). There are two options to do this:

  • GUI: Use vSphere Client to deploy the OVA file.
  • Command line: Use OVF Tool to deploy the OVA file. 


  • The atlas.ova file, available in an accessible folder. Blue Cedar Technical Support provides this file.
  • GUI: vSphere Client 5.1 (or later) on a VMware ESX 5.1 (or later) server.
  • Command line: OVF Tool 3.5.0 for Mac or OVF Tool 4.0.0 for CentOS. (Other versions may work, but have not been verified.)

Blue Cedar has verified that using default settings in vSphere and OVF Tool, these storage and memory requirements are sufficient for our maximum 500 simultaneous connections:

  • 4 GB disk storage
  • 4 GB RAM