Blue Cedar 3.22.3 Release Notes

Blue Cedar Enterprise includes:

  • Blue Cedar Policy Console, which injects security into mobile apps, providing fine-grained controls and configurable usage policies.
  • Blue Cedar Gateway, which uniquely terminates secure in-app microtunnel connections from Blue Cedar-secured apps to backend services, providing seamless authentication, identity integration, and trust services between any Blue Cedar-secured app and trusted corporate networks.

Blue Cedar Enterprise is available as a full cloud-hosted solution as well as an on-premises deployment.

What's new in Blue Cedar 3.22.3

These release notes cover Blue Cedar Enterprise and Enforce release 3.22.3. See Resolved Issues below.

What's new in Blue Cedar 3.22.2

See Resolved Issues below.

What's new in Blue Cedar 3.22.1

Red Hat/CentOS installation

Blue Cedar on premises policy console supports rpm files for installing on a RedHat/CentOS system. See Installing the policy console (RPM).

What's new in Blue Cedar 3.22.0

iOS 12 support

Blue Cedar includes support for the new Apple iOS 12 release. Customers must upgrade to 3.22+ for iOS 12 support. Apps that previously worked on iOS 11 are expected to work without any issues. Apps that target new APIs for iOS 12 may have issues.

Blue Cedar 3.22.0 does not support the new Network.framework. 

Apps (with certain APIs) secured with the Data Sharing policy's preferred apps option may have issues.

Android P support

Blue Cedar includes support for the new Android P release. Apps running on Android P integrated with older versions of Blue Cedar security can crash on startup. Customers must upgrade to 3.22.0+ for Android P support.


Blue Cedar Enforce 3.22.0 now includes test candidate support for IKEv2 via the Secure Microtunnel policy. The Enforce 3.22 Policy Console provides a limited set of options for Secure Microtunnel, including PSK/EAP authentication modes for IKEv2. The Secure Web Stack policy is also available in Enforce 3.22.

Other Secure Microtunnel options are only available in Blue Cedar Enterprise, which does not support IKEv2.

Supported versions of Blue Cedar Enterprise and Blue Cedar Enforce 

Blue Cedar supports the current and previous major versions. Customers using versions prior to 3.21.x and 3.22.x should upgrade at their earliest convenience. Customers experiencing issues should upgrade to the latest versions of Policy Console and Gateway, in order to eliminate iOS/Android compatibility issues and issues that have already been resolved. On-premises versions of Policy Console are now Docker-based, residing on a customer-provided Ubuntu server. Blue Cedar Customer Support is available to schedule a time to assist with upgrades.  

Resolved issues

Blue Cedar has tested specific items that have been addressed in this release, but cannot test all customer apps for full functionality. Please re-secure and test your apps at your earliest convenience before moving to production (i.e., distributing to your end users).

Resolved in 3.22.3

SPT-1971iOSAfter securing app, navigation bar items and toolbars are not showing up.Fixed an issue where some app resources were not being downloaded correctly and thus screens and menus would not appear. This was occurring with the Secure Web Stack policy enabled but the DAR policy disabled.
SPT-1974AndroidApp fails to submit data in API call when secured with 3.22.2Fixed a bug where some URLConnection APIs were not implicitly performing a connect() if one had not been performed yet. We also fixed another case where the form action URL was different from the actual URL only by case.

Resolved in 3.22.2

SPT-1948, SPT-1949, SPT-1951, SPT-1952AndroidApp crash due to recent Chrome v72 updateFixed an issue for Android apps using WebView with current and recent versions of Chrome (v72 and slightly older). Those apps were experiencing a crash when WebView was loaded.
SPT-1885Policy ConsoleMissing Docker package blocks RPM installation on RedHatFixed an issue where the installation process expected a specific Docker Edition. The RPM installation process now requires Docker (any edition) to be installed before continuing.

Resolved in 3.22.1

SPT-1897AndroidApp hangs on startupFixed an issue on app startup where the app hangs when trying to find network connectivity status.
SPT-1694iOSSlow performance with new version of appFixed an issue where some apps that register their own signal handling could interfere with Blue Cedar's Data at Rest policy. It could cause the app to get stuck with a spinner.
BCP-787GatewayModify Virtual Appliance to run in hypervisor mode.Added the ability for the Virtual Appliance to run on Microsoft Hyper-V.
SPT-1898iOSApp crashes on launchFixed an issue with MachO processing where the load command was not the first one encountered. This could result in an app crashing on launch.
BCP-1594iOS, AndroidWKWebView javascript injection breaks

Fixed an issue with the Cordova Ionic framework where we could break handling.

SPT-1808, SPT-1437AndroidSlow web browser for corporate intranetMade some performance enhancements on Android speeding up page load times. The increase in performance depends on the number of resources the page requests.

Resolved in 3.22.0

SPT-1797AndroidIn place upgrade does not work after securing with 3.21.1Fixed an issue with apps using SQLite databases integrated with 3.21.1. Apps using SQLite cannot be upgraded from 3.21.1 to 3.22.0 and require a fresh install. These apps can be upgraded from the previous 3.21.0 release to 3.22.0 without loss of data.

Documentation and technical support

This release includes online documentation, no longer in PDF format. To access this documentation, see the knowledge base at or these direct links: 

Blue Cedar Enforce Documentation (

Blue Cedar Policy Console Documentation (

Blue Cedar Gateway Documentation (

Technical support is provided online at