Blue Cedar Enforce Release Notes

Blue Cedar Enforce is a cloud-native solution that is designed to deliver local, in-app protection to corporate mobile apps that don't require the microtunnel connectivity capabilities enabled by the Blue Cedar Gateway. Enforce delivers the app-level security policies that do not require connectivity, such as local app-level authentication, device posture, integrity verification, encryption, and data sharing.

What's new

Local App Authentication PIN required on app upgrade

After upgrading apps secured with Blue Cedar 3.21.0, users must now enter their PIN once for each app before they can use biometric authentication.  

Resolved issues

SPT-1543AndroidWrapped app crashes on launchFixed a crash in Android Cordova-based apps that used a SQLite plugin that was incompatible with the Data-at-Rest policy. These apps no longer crash, and all databases are encrypted appropriately.
SPT-1539AndroidSecured app shares encrypted filesFixed an issue where Android apps secured with the Data-at-Rest policy were not properly decrypting files when sharing files with other apps using a FileProvider.

Documentation and technical support

This release includes online documentation. To access this documentation, see the knowledge base at