Increase the upload limit on app size

CONSOLE 3.22.4+

With the 3.22.4 release of Blue Cedar Console (on-premises), users can now upload apps larger than 50 MB. 


For consoles managing apps with a 150 MB size limit:

  • Minimum required RAM: 4 GB
  • Minimum required disk space: 50 GB

When changing the app size limit, RAM and disk space on the console host should also be increased. 

Note: The app's complexity as well as its size affects the amount of RAM needed. The formulas here describe a rule of thumb, but the RAM may need to be tuned for apps with larger number of classes than usual.

App sizeDisk spaceRAM
50 GB + 20*max_allowed_packet4 GB + 1 GB for every 100 MB over 150 MB app size
Baseline150 MB50 GB4 GB
Example250 MB55 GB (50 GB + 20*250 MB)5 GB

Step-by-step guide

On your console host with 3.22.4 installed, follow the steps below:

Backup any data you have. Use your MySQL credentials for MySQLuser and MySQLpwd.

$ cd /tmp/
$ mkdir -p appcontrol-export/data
$ chmod a+rwx appcontrol-export/data
$ mysqldump -u MySQLuser -pMySQLpwd -f --routines --no-data appcontrol > appcontrol-export/appcontrol-schema.sql
$ mysqldump -u MySQLuser -pMySQLpwd -f --max-allowed-packet=1G --tab=/tmp/appcontrol-export/data appcontrol
$ zip -x '**/data/*.sql' -r appcontrol-export/

Copy the config file to the /etc/ directory on your host:

$ sudo docker cp policy_console_database:/console/database/policy-console-sql.cnf /etc/

Within this config file, edit these values:

Change max_allowed_packet  value to a little over the app size you would want to upload to the console, accounting for the integrated app's size. Make sure the max_allowed_packet value for both mysql and mysqld sections match.

Change innodb_log_file_size value to at least 10 times the value of max_allowed_packet

After making these changes, reboot with this command:

$ sudo service policy-console reboot