Replacing the enrollment PIN email (sample template)

For two-factor authentication for Blue Cedar Gateway enrollment, as described in the Gateway IT Administrator's Guide, the gateway can generate an enrollment PIN and email an enrollment invitation to the end user. The Gateway IT Administrator's Guide section  Customizing the enrollment PIN email describes how to:

  • Enable this enrollment step.
  • Customize the Blue Cedar-branded enrollment invitation with your company branding. Use the customization feature to change colors and add some HTML fragments.
  • Replace the enrollment invitation with your company branding. This option lets you entirely replace the body of the email with HTML and text templates.
  • Provide email templates in multiple languages.

Designing the email template file

The attached file includes HTML for the body of an enrollment invitation email. Note the variables for the app name and PIN. The gateway supplies the values when generating the email to send to the app user:

  • $appName$
  • $pin$

Sample: enroll_email.template

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