Supported app icon format limitations


By default, when apps are integrated with Blue Cedar technology, users see a Blue Cedar overlay on top of the app icon. For certain app icon formats, the Integration Platform UI cannot display the icon, and the overlay icon is not currently compatible.

iOS 11+ app icons

Apps built with the iOS 11+ SDK using an file won't have the app icon appear in the Integration Platform UI. When the app is integrated for the App Store, the overlay icon doesn't appear.

App store compatibilityIcon handling
Not enabledAfter integration, overlay icon appears.
EnabledOverlay icon doesn't work. App icon doesn't appear in Platform UI.

Android round icons

Newer Android devices (such as Pixel) support "roundIcon" resources (in addition to "icon") to show icons with rounded borders. We currently support including an overlay icon with round icons only in PNG format; other file formats are not currently supported. 

SVG/XML format icons

We do not currently support using the overlay icon with svg or xml icon files.