TouchDown crash with diagnostic data


A crash has been observed with specific Android devices running specific versions of Android when configuring TouchDown SP 9.0.00412 with diagnostic data enabled. 


When the user is configuring TouchDown on the client, after entering in the credentials for the email account and configuring, the last screen in the configuration process is a license acceptance prompt. On this screen there is also an option to enable diagnostic data, which is enabled by default. Accepting and continuing with diagnostic data enabled may result in a crash during synchronization.

Currently this issue has been observed on the Nexus 5x, Nexus 6P, and Moto G4+ running Android N, but may affect others as well.


The workaround for this crash is to disable diagnostic data when configuring TouchDown. 

  1. Configure TouchDown.
  2. Before continuing from the License and Diagnostic Data screen, disable diagnostic data by tapping on the toggle button.