What's new in Mobile Client 4.14.0

Android 12 support 

Blue Cedar includes support for the Android 12 release. Apps that were previously integrated with Blue Cedar and that worked on Android 11 are expected to work without issues when reintegrated with Blue Cedar. Apps that target new APIs and features for Android 12 may have issues. 

BlackBerry Dynamics updates

A new BlackBerry SDK version is now available for integration through the Blue Cedar Platform.

  • The Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry integrates these SDKs: 
    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release version and Launcher version for iOS.
    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release version and Launcher version for Android.

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.14.0


Mobile OS



BBY-127AndroidAndroidAddressed a problem with the apps resource files having an incorrect modification resulting in a resource type mismatch. 
SPT-2543AndroidEnforceResolved an issue with web and oauth authentication for web server content 
MOB-3124AndroidIntuneResolved an issue for re-evaluating the token and app rules when launching an integrated app without network connectivity 
MOB-3071iOSAllFix an integrated app crash with displaying a system notification when installing a provisioning profile with AirDrop.
MOB-3001AndroidAllFixed issues around user-trusted certificates.  Note: Android apps must include a network_security_config resource file that specifes the app is allowed to accept the user-trusted certs.