What's new in Mobile Client 4.16.0

iOS16 Support and Minimum OS Version

Blue Cedar includes support for apps running on the Apple iOS 16 release and the minimum app version is now iOS 14.  Additionally, this release supports the Microsoft Intune SDK version 8.6.1 and MSAL version 3.0.2.   

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.16.0

ItemMobile OSAcceleratorDescription




Fixed a crash with apps using Swift and sqlcipher integrated with the Blackberry Dynamics SDK v 10.2

MOB- 3302



Fixed multiple Blackberry issues:

  • Prevented an app from connecting a non-blocking socket and truncating a file on open 
  • Problem with apps that check the IPV6_V6ONLY socket option
  • Apps that set Content-Length or Transfer-Encoding headers on a URLConnection