By default, when apps are protected with the Blue Cedar Platform, users see a Blue Cedar overlay on top of the app icon on the device. Instead of the default, you can configure any PNG file as the overlay icon for your organization.

Choosing a custom icon

  • The icon you upload should be a square PNG file.
  • 48 x 48 pixels work well, or you can use a larger file.
  • The platform stretches the image to a square shape if necessary and scales the image to be 25% the size of the app icon.
  • Save the file with transparency to let more of the app icon show through.

Customizing the overlay icon

Log into the Blue Cedar Platform as a administrator:

Select Administration, then then appropriate company card.

On the company card, select App Settings.

Click Choose.

Browse to the new PNG file, select it, and click Open. Your new icon filename appears in the Overlay icon area.

Click Save changes to set it as the overlay icon for any app integrated in this organization. 

Note: After setting the overlay icon, you need to re-integrate any apps that have already been integrated with a new or updated app security profile.

Using no icon

Create a transparent PNG file and upload it as the custom overlay icon. The secured apps will look the same as any unprotected apps in the system.