Android apps only.

Securing an app (integrating services) and signing an app (certifying the app was created by you) are two separate tasks. However, to integrate an app with services, you need to specify signing options.

To code-sign apps with the platform:

  • Specify Sign on console for the signing method.
  • Use a signing profile to specify app-signing parameters.

Unlike an app security profile, which is a collection of settings that can be applied to integrate an app with security, a signing profile is a collection of code signing parameters. Because code signing is platform-specific, each signing profile is unique to Android or iOS.

Signing options

On the Mobile Apps > app card, click Integrate.

Choose an app security profile and click Next. 

On the Signing Options dialog, select Sign on console. 

Note: This option is not available for iOS apps.

Select a signing profile. You must select a signing profile or choose Create New Signing Profile.

Click Integrate & Sign app. The platform integrates your app with the app security profile and the signing parameters in the signing profile.

Click Download to download the secured app from the platform. Choose the "Integrated and Signed" version of the app.

The app card now displays the signing method and profiles most recently used, and the signed app is ready for download.