Release 2021-12-10 of the Blue Cedar Platform adds App Screen Customization support to the Blue Cedar's No-Code Integration Service for Enforce. App Screen Customization provides the functionality to customize the colors, fonts, button colors, logos and background images used for user-facing elements.  Examples of the screens customization are authentication, splash, notification, and enrollment.  See the referenced online documentation pages for more information, or click Help when you’re logged into the Blue Cedar platform.  


Blue Cedar Enforce No-code Integration - Blue Cedar Enforce Branding 

Blue Cedar's No-Code Integration Service for Enforce integrates Blue Cedar Enforce app security to an app with a pre-configured collection of app security policies.  Optionally, you can add customized user interface screens like authentication, splash, notification, and enrollment to the integrated app with specific colors, fonts, button colors, logos, and background images. 

What do I need to do? 

To add App Screen Customization to your app:

  • On the Blue Cedar Enforce card, click the gear icon to open the Blue Cedar Enforce screen. 
  • On the Configure Blue Cedar Enforce screen Branding tab, select colors, fonts, primary and secondary button colors, logo, and background image for the app.  See Enforce Branding for details.
  • Click Save Changes

Resolved Issues

App Enhancement Enforce

BCP-6909For the Authentication sub-step, added an option to the user PIN to change "once a year."
BCP-6911For the Blue Cedar Connect sub-step, added an Advanced check box option the default option to use the gateway identity certificate that is issued by a certificate authority that is globally trusted. 





Enhanced user notifications and messages.

BCP-6852Fixed a bug that prevented the Enforce extension from being enabled independently.  
BCP-6853Fixed a bug that prevented checking status on a valid Microsoft Endpoint Manager configuration.


BCP-6820Fixed a bug with a configuration when saving multiple approval steps within the same Stage.