The Blue Cedar workflow builder is used to create workflows for apps. With the workflow builder on the Blue Cedar Platform, you start by defining the stages in the workflow. Choose from a list of pre-defined stages as follows:

  • Setup and Analysis Stage: App intake (for workflows that include a GitHub or GitLab import step), and scanning the app for integration points and vulnerabilities occur in this stage.
  • App Enhancement Stage: No-Code Integration occurs in this stage. The App Enhancement stage is required in all workflows.
  • Testing Stage: App signing and distribution may occur in this stage to push to a test environment.
  • Production Stage: Activities related to app distribution. App signing and pushing an app to an app store or UEM app catalog occur in this stage.

See Using the workflow builder for more information.

There's a special type of Approval step that can be used in any stage, as a placeholder for any offline activity that you want to include. For example, you can add Approval to the Testing stage to allow for a beta test pilot or a security audit.