We are pleased to announce the release of Blue Cedar Platform 2020-11-10, which is a bug fix release. 


  • Workflow enhancements deliver richer information and greater control over deployments
  • Improved artifact summary information provides easy access to all workflow run files 

What's new

The Blue Cedar Platform is enhanced to include more helpful workflow on-screen tips, visual indicators for easy understanding of the workflow progress, notification messages, and more details on the workflow run artifacts.

Enhanced workflows

Enhancements in the workflow UI and the workflow builder provide clearer visual indicators including improved iconography and tool tips; more controls in the notification center such as the ability to cancel app uploads and downloads; and richer real-time information about workflow runs, such as the duration time of a step or which user must complete an action. 

Improved artifacts summary

All artifacts generated by a workflow run are viewable from a single page with more details. For more efficient workflow execution, the artifacts summary page indicates which stage and step the file is generated, information about the app signing status, and options to download various app binaries.

Resolved issues


BCP-5383Updated the notification area to allow for detailed notifications and some added styling changes.
BCP-5422Updated the messages in the notification area to provide more details about the upload/download notifications.
BCP-5467Fixed an issue that prevented users from dismissing error notifications from the notification area.
BCP-5334Updated the status page under workflow run details to allow for more informative status and tooltips and some added styling changes.
BCP-5381On the delivery status page, users now see only the workflow actions allowed under the configuration for the current user.
BCP-5447Hovering over the signing step now shows the assigned signers that it's waiting on to proceed.
BCP-5460In the workflow builder, step and sub-step prompts now only show steps and sub-steps when available, avoiding empty selection areas.




BCP-5380Updated Artifacts page to combine all artifacts into a single view with some added styling changes.


BCP-5091Updated the emails sent out during different stages of a workflow to provide more information about the app and workflow.
BCP-5114Fixed an issue with ongoing steps for a workflow still listed as ongoing after the overall workflow was aborted.
BCP-5240Fixed an issue where aborting a run at the App-Ray analysis step could cause subsequent runs with the same workflow to fail on a given app.
BCP-5322Deleting an app now shows the name of the app being deleted in the confirmation dialog box.
BCP-5329Fixed an issue with the back arrow leading to the previously selected tab within the same page instead of leading to the previously visited page.
BCP-5384Expired sessions now redirect the user to the login page to allow them to re-login to continue.
BCP-5385Updated errors to more user-friendly messages for nonexistent resources across the platform.
BCP-5389On the App Versions page, all versions are now expanded by default to show all the workflow runs associated with each version.

Added a link to the login page on the Account Updated page when users update their passwords successfully.


Updated the emails sent to users for setting or resetting their passwords.

Documentation and technical support

This release includes online documentation. To access this documentation, use the Help menu when logged in, or see  https://apollo.bluecedar.com/platformv2/ .