Policy Console REST API Reference

Integrating with the Policy Console REST API

This document describes the Policy Console API from Blue Cedarâ„¢. The API gives programmers access to Blue Cedar functionality through RESTful HTTP requests. Use this API to integrate the policy console with third-party tools or services or to design your own administrative console.

This REST API is only available for on-premises policy console users, not cloud deployments.

Documentation conventions

To keep things readable, this documentation uses some abbreviations and placeholders in notation and sample code. For example:

  • All URLs are relative to the root URL for your policy console. For example, if bc.qwe.com is a fully qualified domain name (or IP address) of your policy console installation:

    GET app-market/catalog

    refers to

    GET http://bc.qwe.com/mocana-app-control/rest/app-market/catalog
  • Strings in curly braces ({}) are placeholders that should be replaced with the actual value. So for this notation:

    GET app-market/{GUID}

    Use the actual GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) into the URL, like this:

    GET app-market/0a22067f-d523-4864-8973-3a80f054d884