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Open Source Attributes

Orchestrate post-development app enhancement, security, compliance, and release activities for rapid app deployment.

Welcome to Blue Cedar, the premier platform for automating and streamlining mobile app deployments without costly re-coding. Enterprise DevOps teams use Blue Cedar’s no-code integration to inject third-party SDKs, VPN connectivity, and enterprise security features into mobile apps in order to make the apps safe for use within a secured corporate environment.

Blue Cedar supports both device-level and app-level management, as well as securing apps for use on employee-owned devices. To complete the app deployment life cycle, you can use Blue Cedar to sign and distribute your apps via unified endpoint management (UEM).

The Blue Cedar Platform provides a single point of visibility for managing users and orchestrating complex workflows within your organization. Through structured workflows with notifications and approvals, you can assign responsibilities to teams anywhere in your organization.

Blue Cedar Product Open Source Disclosures

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