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Creating an admin user in initial setup mode

When a Blue Cedar Connect Gateway does not have any configured administrative users, the gateway enters "Initial Setup Mode". To access the gateway in this mode, connect to the gateway via SSH. The IP address of the management port is set via DHCP. You can retrieve it via your virtual machine summary page. Use "setup" as the user:

$ ssh setup@ 
Blue Cedar Gateway Serial Number: VAT-22999-33888

When prompted for the password, input the password received from Blue Cedar Support. If you need a password, contact Blue Cedar Support with the serial number (displayed on your screen).

The following notice appears when you first log in:

****** This Gateway is in initial setup mode ******

To exit initial setup mode, please create a local administrator user.
Would you like to create it now? (Y/N)

Enter Y to launch a script to set up the administrative user. You can use Ctrl-c to exit the script at any point.

****** Setup Administrative User ******
Enter Username : gmartin
Enter Password : *********
Verify Password : *********
Passwords match
Enter Group [default] : admin
Enter Email Address [] :
Setup complete. You may now ssh to <> with your user <gmartin>
Connection to closed.

The fields in the script are:

UsernameRequired. Name of the admin user. Cannot contain spaces or special characters (specifically, /, \, &, ^, %).
Password and
Verify Password 
Required. Password for the admin user to use.
GroupRequired. The name of the administrative group to be created. See Configuring an AAA local group for more information. Default: default.
Email AddressThe admin user's email address.

Now that you have completed the initial setup for the gateway, configure the basic options for the gateway as described in the following section. Exit the setup wizard, and connect to the gateway via SSH using the administrator username you just created and the IP address you used to connect to the gateway: adminusername@ipaddress.

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