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Installing and Administering Blue Cedar Connect Gateway

Blue Cedar Connect Gateway Overview

This documentation provides the necessary framework for an administrative user to configure and monitor the Blue Cedar Connect Gateway via the Command Line Interface (CLI). The gateway securely connects Blue Cedar-secured apps to the enterprise backend.

The guide describes the commands to configure and monitor the gateway, along with how to navigate the CLI to locate, view, and use commands that the CLI provides. The important concepts for using the CLI are:

  • The CLI modes (operational and configuration)
  • The hierarchy of the CLI commands
  • The commands for navigating the hierarchy
  • Industry-standard features that are built into the CLI

By understanding these concepts, the administrative user can configure and administer the gateway.


Network knowledge background: This guide assumes these areas of proficiency for a system administrator or IT professional:

  • Working knowledge of IPv4, IPsec using IKEv2, AAA, NTP, SSH, Syslog, and other common networking protocols and concepts.
  • Basic understanding of how to configure a system that has ports, tunnels, interfaces, and so on.

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