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Installing the Blue Cedar Connect Gateway with VMware ESXi web client

These instructions assume you have a VMware ESX server ready for installing OVA files, and are using the VMware ESXi web client (version 6.7.0 or similar).

Install the OVA file

  1. Log in to the VMware web client, which should be running a VMware ESX server.

  2. Select Create/Register VM to start the virtual machine creation wizard. 

    Select creation typeSelect "Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file."
    Select OVF and VMDK filesProvide a name for the gateway instance and browse or drag/drop to choose the OVA file from your local machine.
    Select storageSelect the location to store the virtual machine files.
    Deployment options

    The OVA file comes preconfigured with memory and disk settings; you can accept the defaults.

    • Network mappings: Select the network for each virtual machine to use. 
    • Disk provisioning: Select the provisioning type. (See the VMware documentation for more information about disk provisioning policies.)
    • Power on automatically: Select
    Ready to completeReview the settings, and click Finish. 

Initial login

If you selected Power on automatically, the virtual machine finishes deploying and starts automatically.

Avoid clicking Reset

Clicking the Reset button in the UI while the virtual disk is being written to—such as after clicking Restart or powering down—resets the VM abruptly, with no consideration for work in progress. Data may be lost or corrupted. If this happens, the gateway may not be usable, and the best way forward is to install a new VM.

You can launch the gateway from the Navigator.

  1. Select your new deployment name from the list of virtual machines. See Recent tasks to verify that the virtual machine is fully powered on. 
  2. Open a console by choosing an option in the Console menu, for example, Console > Open console in new tab.
  3. Set the password for the console user of the new virtual machine:
    • When the console localhost login: prompt appears, enter "console."
    • The first time you boot the virtual machine, set and confirm the password.
      Welcome to BlueCedar Gateway. You will be prompted to set a password for the console login since this is your first time logging in. 
      Changing password for user console.
      New password:
      Retype new password:

The next steps are to create an administrator user (Creating an admin user in initial setup mode) and set up the basic connections and configure the basic options for the gateway (Quick start configuration steps).

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