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Installing the Blue Cedar Connect Gateway with vSphere

  1. Log in to the vSphere Client, which should be running on a VMware ESX server.

  2. Select File > Deploy OVF Template... to start the deployment wizard. Respond to the prompts with information specific to your deployment. The OVA file comes preconfigured with memory and disk settings; you can accept the defaults for most options in the wizard.

    SourceType a URL or browse to the location of the OVA file.
    OVF Template DetailsVerify that you pointed to the correct OVA file for this installation.
    Name and LocationName the workspace deployment.

    Select the location to store the virtual machine files.

    Disk FormatSelect the provisioning type. (See the VMware documentation for more information about disk provisioning policies.)
    Network Mapping

    Select the network for each virtual machine to use. Accept the default; you can change this configuration later.

    Ready to CompleteReview the details.
  3. Click Power on after deployment and click Finish
  4. Verify that the virtual machine is fully powered on. Select your new deployment name from the list of virtual machines in vSphere.
  5. Set the password for the new virtual machine:
    • Click on the Console tab.
    • Press Enter to get the localhost login: prompt. Enter "console."
    • The first time you boot the virtual machine, set and confirm the password.
    • Press Ctrl-Alt to release the mouse from the Console tab.
  6. Add the virtual machine to the correct networks. Right-click on the name in the list of virtual machines, and choose Edit Settings.... Connect the management, public, and private virtual adapters, using the Network Connection menu.

    Security levelVirtual adapter

The next steps are to create an administrator user (Creating an admin user in initial setup mode) and set up the basic connections and configure the basic options for the gateway (Quick start configuration steps).

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