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Setting the gateway hostname

To set the hostname of the gateway to new_hostname, use the following command in configuration mode:

% set system hostname new_hostname 

For example:

% set system hostname acme-gateway
% commit
Commit succeeded.

Note: No periods are allowed in the hostname. If you use a period in the hostname, the gateway may not register properly with other systems on the network. The gateway follows the hostname conventions according to RFC 952 (ASSUMPTION #1) and RFC 1123 (Section 2.1 Host Names and Numbers). Refer to these documents for further details.

Run the command "show all" from the operational mode, to show that the hostname has changed in the configuration:

> show all
configuration {
  context default { 
    system {
      hostname acme-gateway;

Note: When you commit the change to the hostname, the network connectivity to the gateway may be affected (such as the loss of a SSH connection for managing the gateway). However, gateway connections to mobile apps should not be affected by the change of the hostname.

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