The gateway CLI uses navigational and functional commands that are familiar to users who configure network and servers products. The industry-standard techniques include:  

  • Tab completion (also called command abbreviation or auto-complete)
  • "?" to display the possible next inputs (also called context-sensitive help)
  • "help" and "?" to display the help strings and/or to see the lists of commands available at each level, history recall (as in UNIX)
  • “set” commands for configuring the gateway
  • Command-line editing features (with Emacs-like keybinders provided by the readline library)
  • For output, using curly braces as delimiters

The only exceptions to these standard techniques are the following gateway CLI commands:

  • “delete” for removing an element (rather than using “no”)
  • “insert” for configuring multiple elements in a command-line

The following tables describe the history recall features and the command-line editing features.

InputHistory recall function

Ctrl-p or up-arrow

recall the previous command(s)

Ctrl-n or down-arrow

recall the next command(s)


Editing function


places cursor at start of line

Ctrl-cinterrupts current command and returns to top-level prompt


end of the line

Ctrl-b or left-arrow

back one character

Ctrl-f or right-arrow

forward one character


delete a single character


redraws the screen


undo (erase) current line, cursor moved to start of line


erase word to the left of the cursor