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Using the health check API

To check the status of the Gateway, you can use the health check web API (/apphealth in the Gateway) to ping the public interface to verify that important services are running.

API request

To check the Gateway's health, use the health check URL with any browser, with curl on the Gateway's public interface, or from a load balancer.

$ curl -k

Example responses

Responses contain JSON strings with additional data, which may include HTTP status codes where possible.

ScenarioResponse JSON
Control channel and IKE are working as expected


{"control": "up", 
  "ike": "up"}
Control channel is up, IKE is down
{"control": "up", 
  "ike": "down"}
Control channel is down, IKE status is unknown
{"control": "down", 
  "ike": "unknown"}
Error occurred during response processing
{"reason": "Internal Server Error", 
  "code": 500, 
  "message": "An error occurred while processing your request.
            Please contact your System Administrator", 
  "title": "Oops!"}
Rate limit reached 
The Gateway allows 1 request every 4 seconds per source IP
{"error": 503}
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