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Configuring master profiles (API)

Master profile parameters

Use these parameters in the JSON data structure when you apply the Master policy (POLICY_CODE_MASTER) to the app with app-market/policy.


An array of profile IDs to include in the master policy profile.

  • app_customization_profiles
  • browser_profiles
  • client_certs_profiles
  • dar_profiles
  • data_sharing_profiles
  • device_posture_profiles
  • diagnostics_profiles
  • local_auth_profiles
  • secure_web_stack_profiles
  • trusted_server_certs_profiles
  • vpn_profiles

Policy IDs or policy codes that are associated with each profile. See Configuring security policies for your apps for a list of policy codes. Use app-policy/catalog to retrieve all policies with IDs.

You can save this set of policies as a master policy by supplying a name while securing. See app-market/policy for examples.

Master profile API resources

To manage Master profiles, use these resources:

  • profile : Use type="master" to create a Master profile. See example below.
  • profile/catalog/{policytype} Use "master" for "{policytype}". GET returns an array of details for all policy profiles of the specified type.
  • profile/{GUID}  Use the profile ID to specify a policy profile. GET returns details for the specified profile, PUT updates the details in the specified profile, and DELETE archives the profile.
  • settings/master-default-profile ( settings/{policytype}-default-profile ): POST sets one of the Master profiles as the default. GET returns the GUID of the current default profile. DELETE archives the current default.

To retrieve details for the policy:

  • app-policy/{GUID} Use the policy ID to specify a policy. GET returns details for the specified policy.
  • app-policy/code/{code} : Use POLICY_CODE_MASTER to specify the policy. GET returns details for the specified policy.

To secure apps with the Master policy:

Creating a Master profile

This example creates a Master profile with the  profile  API, specifying all options.


curl -k -v -L -b c.txt -c c.txt -X POST \
  -F name="TestProfile" \
  -F type="master" \
  -F desc="Default Profile" \
  -F data="{\"arrayOfProfiles\":{\"app_customization_profiles\":\"9bd06e96-4108-4ea4-88e5-d1dc6ebdccd1\",

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