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Policy console requirements

This section covers the system requirements for installing and running the policy console as an application in a Docker container.

To secure apps with Blue Cedar policies, you must configure a macOS server for code signing. iOS apps need to be code-signed to run on iOS devices. By default, the policy console code-signs an iOS app as part of the applying policies. Alternately, you can code-sign after securing the app. For details, see Signing Blue Cedar secured apps.

Requirements for running an on-premises policy console

Installation requirements

  • Internet access: The virtual machine running the policy console must be connected to the internet for the installation/upgrade process.
  • DNS: The installation and upgrade process requires DNS to retrieve required resources.
  • These installation files are available from your Blue Cedar support team (*'s are release/build numbers).

    • The policy console app control file: policy-console-appcontrol*.deb
    • The policy console database file: policy-console-database*.deb
    • The policy console injection engine: policy-console-injection-engine*.deb
    • Debian installers: Packages.gz

    For RPM/Red Hat CentOS:
    • The policy console app control file: policy-console-appcontrol*.noarch.rpm
    • The policy console database file: policy-console-database*.noarch.rpm
    • The policy console injection engine: policy-console-injection-engine*.noarch.rpm

Required software for running console

  • Virtual machine: These instructions assume your host is set up for the policy console only. The policy console is tested and supported on:
    • Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 LTS 
    • Red Hat 7.4, 7.5, 7.6
  • Host system requirements:
    • RAM: 4 GB minimum
    • Disk space: 50 GB
    • 64 bit operating system
  • Docker: Blue Cedar provides the policy console as a package that runs on Docker. Install any edition of Docker on the virtual machine for the policy console. (Required for Ubuntu or Red Hat/CentOS.)
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