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Policy profile structure

In the policy console, profiles and profile data are stored in multiple tables. When you create a profile, the policy console adds entries for that profile to the profile and profile_data tables. When you delete a profile, the information for that profile moves from the profile table to the archived_profile table.

  • The profile table contains profile IDs, profile types, and names for all profiles that are currently available when you’re securing apps.
  • The archived_profile table contains the same information for all profiles that have been deleted from the system.
  • The profile_data table contains profile data for all profiles, whether they’re still available or have been archived.
  • The profile_data_id value for each profile in the table is associated with a profile_id in either the profiles or archived_profile table.

Use these parameters to refer to the profile when securing an app with POST app-market/policy{policytype}_profile_id is required when you apply a policy to an app. See app-market/policy for complete examples.


The GUID for the profile. The console creates the GUID when you create a new profile. Use the GUID to apply a specific profile to an app with POST app-market/policy.

Valid values: The GUID must be a string.


Optional. Explicitly specifies the profile details to apply to the app in JSON format (file or string). For a list of available JSON parameters for each policy type and how to configure them, see the description of the policy.

All parameters are specified as a <name>:<value> pair or as an array of name-value pairs of parameters. 

Specify the profile details in either of these ways:

  • An inline string using a HTTP parameter: specify the JSON data as a string inside curly brackets:

      "title":"Dev Team",
  • A file using a cURL command: specify the JSON data with an @ to indicate a filename.


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