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Blue Cedar Platform Release Notes - April 23, 2021

Blue Cedar Platform 5.1.2

Blue Cedar No-code Integration - Blackberry

Added BlackBerry enhancements to include an SDK update and distribution to an UEM instance installed behind a firewall. In addition, a uniquely incremented build number now allows the same app version to be integrated multiple times. See the referenced online documentation pages for more information, or click Help when you’re logged into the Blue Cedar platform.

BlackBerry enhancements

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK updates

A new BlackBerry SDK version is now available for integration through the Blue Cedar Platform.

  • The Blue Cedar No-Code Integration Service for BlackBerry Dynamics now integrates these SDKs:

    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release v9.1.0.35 for iOS and Android

    • BlackBerry Launcher Library v3.2.0.195

  • BlackBerry AppKinetics is now available for iOS as well as Android. 

  • The BlackBerry Persona feature is enabled by default and can be disabled per app in the App Enhancement / BlackBerry step of a workflow.

See Integrating BlackBerry Dynamics features with Blue Cedar Platform for more information.

What do I need to do?

You can optionally re-run any existing workflows that contain a BlackBerry no-code integration workflow step so that you can update existing apps with the latest enhancement, and distribute them. If you choose not to update your existing apps, they'll continue to work as before, using the previous SDK integration. Otherwise, future workflows and workflow runs will automatically include the new SDK features.

BlackBerry private UEMs

The Blue Cedar Platform supports mobile app distribution to private BlackBerry UEMs behind a firewall.

What do I need to do?

To set up distribution to a firewall-protected BlackBerry UEM, you must enable the Blue Cedar extension for BlackBerry UEM and add the firewall information to the extension configuration. For details, see Extension - BlackBerry UEM.

App build number change

A no-code integration step (such as BlackBerry) produces a unique build number that is distinct and separate from the official app's version number. This unique build number allows the app to be uploaded for distribution even when the mobile app's version has not changed. This is useful when running a no-code integration step multiple times on the same app version.

  • The app build number increments in ascending order.

  • The build number persists within the App container, even if the workflow associated with that App container is deleted.

  • The app build number applies only within a single App container on the Blue Cedar Platform: if you import the same original binary in a different App container, its build number increments with its own workflow runs, and resulting binaries are distinct.

  • Only the no-code integration step changes the build number; there is no change for other workflow steps, such as when the app is signed.

What do I need to do?

You don't need to do anything, but you'll see the build number change on the Blue Cedar Platform for each workflow run on a particular app binary. 

Enhance Service

Updated the Blue Cedar Mobile Client version 4.10.13 to include updates the the new Blackberry Dynamics SDK.

Mobile Client 4.10.13 Update

BlackBerry Dynamics updates

A new BlackBerry SDK version is now available for integration through the Blue Cedar Platform.

  • The Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry integrates these SDKs: 

    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release v9.1.0.35 for iOS and Android.

    • BlackBerry Launcher Library v3.2.0.195. 

  • BlackBerry AppKinetics is now available for iOS as well as Android. 

  • The BlackBerry Persona feature is enabled by default and can be disabled in the BlackBerry policy.

  • BlackBerry Analytics support is no longer available, although the option still appears in the user interface. Customers can use BlackBerry Persona instead.

See Integrating BlackBerry Dynamics features with Blue Cedar Platform for more information about each feature.

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.10.13


Mobile OS



SPT-2380, SPT-2455, SPT-2466


Blue Cedar

Fixed an issue where Android background notifications were not working in some scenarios where Secure Microtunnel policy was in use.



Blue Cedar

Resolved an issue sharing large files using Data At Rest.

BBY-93, BBY-102



Improved support for apps that use multiple windows when integrated with BlackBerry Launcher.




Resolved an issue where custom app icons were not correctly being presented for BlackBerry Launcher.

Open issues/limitations

Limitations with this Blue Cedar release for iOS 14 include: 

  • Support for new iOS 14 features is not fully implemented in this release, including:

    • New Photos picker: a way to access pictures from the Photos app without requesting direct library access

    • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) 

    • App Clips: small parts of an app designed for quick task completion

Limitations with this Blue Cedar release for Android 11 include: 

  • No support for Android Emulators running Android 11.

Limitations for BlackBerry features include:

  • Xamarin/client certificates don't work with BlackBerry: HTTP-specific traffic is not sent into the BlackBerry HTTP client (Xamarin or platform native).

Platform Resolved Issues





Uploading a Mobile Provisioning Profile in the BlackBerry UEM step is now optional.





Fixed a minor issue that displayed available extension titles differently based on selected filters.


Minor fixes for search results and behavior in Apps list.


Added the ability to edit extension configurations for all available extension types.


Added the ability to allow refreshing the current screen by double clicking the current tab on the sidebar.


Minor styling updates to App Versions titles to display version/build number information consistently. 

Organizations and users




Minor improvements to handle users' attempts to delete their own accounts. Deleting the current user while logged in displays a message and logs out the current user if the user confirms.


Fixed an issue where all users within an organization didn't show up under the Users tab.

BCP-6088, BCP-6089

Fixed issues where updating an organization's logo didn't auto-refresh each image.

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