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Blue Cedar Platform Release Notes - September 9, 2022

Blue Cedar Platform 5.8.0

User Interface

Simplified the UI for the app binary details screen, app container, version, and workflow run details. See the referenced online documentation pages for more information, or click Help when you’re logged into the Blue Cedar Platform.

Enhance Service

Updated the Blue Cedar Mobile Client version 4.15.0 to include the latest BlackBerry SDK.

Mobile Client 4.15.0 Update

BlackBerry Dynamics:

A new BlackBerry SDK version is now available for integration through the Blue Cedar Platform.

  • The Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry integrates these SDKs: 

    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release version and Launcher version for iOS.

    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release version and Launcher version for Android.

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.15.0


Mobile OS






Addressed a a problem with preventing certain Xamarin apps from launching. 

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