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Blue Cedar Platform Release Notes - August 3, 2023

Blue Cedar Platform

Blue Cedar Enhance for BlackBerry

Added a new configuration option for the Blue Cedar Enhance service that provides the ability to disable network interception when using Blue Cedar Enhance to create BlackBerry Dynamics-enabled mobile apps for iOS. When network interception is disabled, network traffic from the app is not tunneled to the BlackBerry NOC. Instead, all of the app’s data will go over the device’s network connection.

The default setting for this configuration option is “off.” With the default setting, network traffic from BlackBerry Dynamics-enabled apps generated by the Blue Cedar Enhance service will be tunneled to the BlackBerry NOC. This feature is for iOS only.

What do I need to do?

In the Platform Workflow Builder for BlackBerry:

  • Add the App Enhancement Stage, select BlackBerry Step

  • Under the Advanced Option, enable networking interception to send data to the BlackBerry NOC with the button slider. The default is setting is “off.”

  • Select Save Changes

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