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Blue Cedar Platform Release Notes - December 13, 2022

Blue Cedar Platform 6.0.1

Enhance Service

Updated the Blue Cedar Mobile Client version 4.18.0 to support Authority Information Access (AIA) and OpenSSL 3.0.

Mobile Client 4.18.0 Updates

Authority Information Access (AIA) Support

The Blue Cedar Mobile Client now supports Authority Information Access (AIA), which is an X.509 v3 certificate extension that contains information about how to get to the issuer of the certificate. A mobile app with the Blue Cedar Mobile Client is able to use the AIA extension to download the certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA) and examine the AIA extension of the downloaded certificate in order to retrieve the issuer of the downloaded certificate. With AIA support, the Blue Cedar Mobile Client is able to repeat this process until it has traced the original certificate through intermediate CAs back to a trusted root CA. 

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.18.0


Mobile OS






Enhanced the initial app initial enrollment to ensure a compliance notification from Intune is received before allowing the app to proceed. There will be a delay while the app receives the Intune Policy and successful enrollment notification.




Resolved an issue where some requests were being handled outside of Secure Web Stack, resulting in issues with redirects.

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