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Blue Cedar Platform Release Notes - January 27, 2023

Blue Cedar Platform 6.0.1

Enhance Service

Updated the Blue Cedar Mobile Client version 4.18.1 to include support the the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK version 11.0.1. This release also includes resolved client bug fixes.

Mobile Client 4.18.1 Updates

BlackBerry Dynamics 11.0.1

The BlackBerry SDK 11.0.1 is now available for integration through the Blue Cedar Platform. The BlackBerry iOS specific fix address an issue when a user copied text from a BlackBerry Dynamics app, the app would stop responding and would crash when the orientation was changed.

  • The Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry integrates these SDKs: 

    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release version and Launcher version for iOS.

    • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK release version and Launcher version for Android.

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.18.1


Mobile OS






Fixed issue with file handling that caused an app to crash upon launch.




Added support for JavaScript fetch() calls using relative urls.

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