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Blue Cedar Platform Release Notes - July 21, 2023

Blue Cedar Platform

Enhance Service

Updated the Blue Cedar Mobile Client version 4.20.0 to include support for Authority Info Access (AIA). This release also includes updates to curl, OpenSSL, and enhancements to detecting jailbroken and rooted devices, and fixes for customer reported issues.

Mobile Client 4.20.0 Updates

Authority Info Access (AIA) - Android only

The Authority Information Access (AIA) is a special SSL certificate extension that includes details about the certificate issuer. This extension plays a crucial role in retrieving intermediate certificates from the issuing Certification Authority (CA). In the Android implementation, if a certificate verification failure occurs due to an incomplete chain, the mobile app will make an effort to utilize the available certificates and leverage the AIA information to obtain the missing CA certificates. The AIA extension is optional and typically includes a CA issuers URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), which indicates the location of the issuing CA certificate. This entire process happens automatically as part of the verification process that the app performs.

Curl version 7.86.0 support

This release updates curl version 7.84.0 to 7.86.0 to address vulnerabilities in curl.

OpenSSL version 3.1.0 support

This release updates OpenSSL version 3.07 to 3.1.0 to address OpenSSL vulnerabilities.

Jailbroken & rooted devices

Detection capabilities for identifying jailbroken and rooted devices have been enhanced by recognizing tools such as Pangu and Magisk.

Resolved in Mobile Client 4.20.0


Mobile OS



SPT-2835, SPT-2837

Android, iOS


Fixed biometic support

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