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Tamper Detection

Tamper detection, also known as anti-tampering, is the process for identifying any unsanctioned modifications or tampering endeavors made to a mobile app's code or data.

Blue Cedar App Security provides tamper detection functionality. When enabled in a mobile app, Blue Cedar's tamper detection can determine if any unauthorized modifications have occurred. In such cases, the app will not run.

Without tamper detection, the use of a tampered app can compromise the security and privacy of app users, potentially leading to data breaches, theft of sensitive information, or even malicious attacks.

The configuration settings are shown in the App Enhancement / Blue Cedar Enforce / Protect Runtime / App Integrity section of the workflow builder:



Enable tamper detection

If checked, tamper detection is enabled in the app.

Note: Signing iOS and Android apps that are using tamper detection will require the installation of the cryptography package from Python. In the Terminal window run this command:

pip3 install cryptography

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