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What's new

The Blue Cedar Platform offers a new approach for end-to-end mobile app deployment that incorporates existing Blue Cedar functionality within new tools to streamline and automate use of Blue Cedar’s capabilities. These new tools include workflows to orchestrate deployment activities, and extensions to access specific pieces of functionality, including:

  • No-Code Integration of mobile app SDKs, such as BlackBerry Dynamics, are available as separate steps that you can include in workflows.
  • Mobile app import from GitHub and GitLab. You can now include updates from these open-source development repositories automatically in your Blue Cedar workflows, without having to manually check or shuttle mobile apps between systems.
  • Distribution of modified mobile apps via endpoint managers or app stores. For example, you can now set up a workflow to generate a BlackBerry Dynamics-enabled app and then distribute it to the BlackBerry UEM instead of manually performing each step.

Existing customers

Existing customers who are using a prior version of the Blue Cedar cloud platform can find documentation by clicking "Other Blue Cedar Products" at the top of the page.

Release notes

For recent incremental changes within the Blue Cedar Platform itself, including bug fixes, see the Blue Cedar Platform Release Notes pages.

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