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Configuring a local authentication provider

You can perform these operations when configuring a local authentication provider for the gateway. This is an authentication provider that exists on the gateway:

Define the users of the local authentication provider

% set aaa auth-provider local user username password password

user usernameText string that represents a user who is authenticated on the gateway's local authentication provider
password passwordText string that represents the password for that user

Define a group of users

% set aaa auth-provider local group groupname
% commit

group groupnameName of a local group of users

Define the privileges for a group of users

% set aaa auth-provider local group string jailbreak-permitted boolean 
administrator boolean
% commit

group groupnamename of a local group of users
jailbreak-permitted boolean
  • true if a user in this group accepts connections from jailbroken devices
  • false if users in this group do not accept connections from jailbroken devices
administrator boolean
  • true to give users in this group administrative privileges
  • false if users in this group do not have administrative privileges

Example of a local authentication provider

In this example, the local authentication provider has been configured with the following users, groups, and privileges:

  • Users: jbrown, admin

  • Groups: admin, employee

  • Privileges: jailbreak-permitted, administrator, tampered-apps-permitted

Note that users have certain privileges based on the group they are assigned to.

% show aaa auth-provider local
  local {
    user admin {
      password $6$ySv5tll1$nyQbuLqlMSWJVmKY4CR1HrazReS5C3/ib6RgnmsmoKs2al0oyqRtSvdKlYDLNJI5.Q5VPLArV3CFSd4sHiL.6.;
      group admin;
    group admin {
      administrator           true;
      jailbreak-permitted     true;
      tampered-apps-permitted true;
    group employee {
      administrator           false;
      jailbreak-permitted     false;
      tampered-apps-permitted false;
    user jbrown {
      password $6$VFleH/fO$v1Ps4x1VjZNxW/2.xO2BfJFbNj5r1V.XslIEWUc8cxye3kxHDOd7tHGrVRLWBc9QuWXkLk3c.hN9wDPwrDjE80;
      group    employee;

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