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Installing the Blue Cedar Connect Gateway with OVF Tool

This procedure assumes you have the Blue Cedar Connect Gateway OVA file, and that you have a VMware ESX server. This procedure has been tested with OVF Tool 3.5.0 for Mac, and OVF Tool 4.0.0 for CentOS.

  1. Install OVF Tool (if necessary). OVF Tool is available from the VMware site. To download, you need a vmware login, which you can create for free. 

  2. Open a terminal window and cd to the directory where you placed your OVA file.

  3. Run ovftool with these options. The OVA file comes preconfigured with memory and disk settings.

    ovftool --name=new_vm_name --datastore=datastore_name 
    --net:public=public_vlan --net:private=private_vlan --powerOn ova_file_path login_info_for_esx

    --name=new_vm_nameName of the new deployment
    --datastore=datastore_nameLocation to store the virtual machine files on the ESX server
    Assign the network for each virtual machine in the deployed OVF package.
    --powerOnOptional. Boot up the new virtual machine after deployment.
    ova_file_pathSource: path to the OVA file.
    login_info_for_esxTarget: login info on an ESX server. Format: vi://username:password@esx-host

The next steps are to create an administrator user (Creating an admin user in initial setup mode) and set up the basic connections and configure the basic options for the gateway (Quick start configuration steps).

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