Configuration nodes often have several options and several hierarchal layers. To edit the value of a low-level node, you can specify each intermediate node in one command line, or you can use the edit command to navigate through the hierarchy. The CLI prompt changes to show the current node.

Note: These example shows the command prompt so you can see the level of the navigation tree that the user is in.

Both of these examples set the password for user bsmith:

Set local user password in one line

bcgateway:default % set aaa auth-provider local user bsmith password abc123
bcgateway:default % commit
Commit succeeded.

Use edit to set local user password

bcgateway:default % edit aaa auth-provider local user bsmith
bcgateway:bsmith % edit password abc123
bcgateway:password % commit
Commit succeeded.

To return to the default configuration scope, use the context command:

Use context to return to default node

bcgateway:password % context
bcgateway:default % 
Commit succeeded.

To move one node level at a time, use up:

Use up to navigate up one node level

bcgateway:password % up
bcgateway:bsmith %