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Adding users

For all new policy console users, set up their email address and password, and then confirm if they have access to the policy console.

Click Users, then Add new User.

On the Add new User page, configure the user account.

Enter the user’s name in the First name box and Last name box.

Enter the user’s e-mail address. The console uses this email address when the user logs in.

Type a Password for the user and type it again in the Confirm Password box.

To enable the user, select Enable user access. This option allows you to deactivate and reactivate users, and applies to both user roles.

Define the user role:

  • Administrator: Select Grant administrative privileges. This user has full privileges in the UI and API to manage all policy console tasks.
  • API only: Select the Restrict access option. This user can only upload, download, and integrate apps via the API, 

Click Create.

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