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An existing profile for the Compass browser in a ZIP file.


Retrieves all the details of an existing profile for the Compass browser in a zip file. The zip file contains:

  • Configured settings for Compass (such as Allow Search or Allow Bookmarks)
  • Settings for each website (such as the website URL)
  • Customized icons or default icon for each website*

* If you do not have a customized icon for a website, the policy console uses the default site icon to display the website in the Launch Pad view of Compass.

This screenshot shows the contents of a zip file that contains a sample browser profile in JSON format and the website icons:


GUIDRequired. The GUID for the Compass browser profile you want to archive. To find the GUIDs for all active profiles, use GET profile/catalog.

Example request

This example uses the -o "" option to name the output zip file. Without the -o option, cURL outputs data to stdout. 


curl -v -L -b cookie -c cookie -X GET
88608694-1f37-4087-bc01-9b1cef2c983a/zip -o ""

The output on the screen shows the file size for the zip file:


{ [data not shown]

100  2383  100  2383    0     0  59945      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 62710* 
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